Viridor renews commitment to Reuse Network through strategic partnership

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Viridor has renewed its commitment to the charity Reuse Network through a strategic partnership which has seen the two organisations aligned since 2022.

This continued partnership demonstrates Viridor's commitment to ESG and its dedication to supporting initiatives that reduce waste and promote circular economy principles.

Today’s announcement falls in Earth Week, the week leading up to Earth Day (Saturday 22 April 2023) on which communities across the world demonstrate support for the protection of the environment and take action against climate change.

Reuse Network supports a network of charitable organisations across the country who are each dedicated to reuse. Each year the network diverts millions of household items from landfill, helping to reduce carbon emissions and assisting low-income households by giving them access to affordable goods.

In 2022 the reuse sector saw continued growth with 2.7 million furniture and electrical items reused throughout the year. This helped 1.18 million households save £343.2 million and prevented 98,935 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Click here to find your nearest re-use charity.

Under the renewed partnership, Viridor will continue to provide support to Reuse Network through funding, resources, and expertise. This support will enable Reuse Network to further raise the profile of the sector through strategic marketing and communications to promote socially-driven reuse as the only option for reuse. Through this work, Reuse Network will help improve access to reuse information, services and products to help low-income households gain the essential household items needed to create a sustainable home.

This year, Earth Day will centre around the theme ‘Invest in Our Planet’ and is urging people, governments, institutions and businesses to recognise the collective responsibility for the environment and the need to accelerate towards creating a greener and more equitable future for all.

Viridor's renewed partnership with Reuse Network underscores its commitment to building a world where nothing goes to waste. Reinforcing its pledge to invest in reuse, one of the highest levels in the waste hierarchy.


Craig Anderson, Chief Executive of Reuse Network said: “The establishment of our strategic partnership with Viridor last year supported us in making significant strides in raising the profile of the reuse sector. The network was able to increase awareness of the importance of reuse through a range of initiatives. Through these efforts we have seen increased interest and opportunity in this important area. Amidst ever-evolving social and environmental challenges we see burgeoning opportunity for reuse charities to be the foundation of the circular economy, driving positive social and environmental impact through reuse.”
"Viridor's continued support is invaluable to our mission of promoting reuse and sustainability. Their expertise and resources have helped us make a meaningful impact in reducing waste and supporting communities in need. We look forward to continuing our partnership and driving positive change together."


Edita Adamcikova, Head of ESG at Viridor said: "We are delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Reuse Network, their work highlighting the importance of the re-use sector is greatly aligned with Viridor’s ambition to build a world where nothing goes to waste. We look forward to working together, raising awareness of both the environmental and social benefit opportunities that the re-use sector holds, helping to create a sustainable future for communities across the UK.”


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